Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hexa-Kunigunde Klepper Kirch

Hi descendants of Klepper family,

my name is Hexa-Kunigunde Kirch,born Klepper.
I am 66 year old,lives in Germany and my english is not so good.
Searching in internet about my ancestors KLEPPER i find your homepage and the story of Klepper family who moved from Germany to Amerika .
My ancestors came also from the area Rhineland-Palatine(german-Rheinland Pfalz)but they moved 1724 from there in the east direction in a place whos name is BANAT (Romania)
For seven generation our ancestors lives there but the communism in Romania was not our dream so we moved home to Germany.(1979)
When i read your very interesting Klepper story first i see that the surnames of Klepper was very comun.
Johann,Jakob,Valentin was the first settler .
MAYBE they was cousins or a nephew .

I think on your search you find also more KLEPPER in America who settled later.A brother of my grandfather Josef -SIMON KLEPPER went 1912 to Amerika and he has a great family there.
I find cousins from this family in internet and we are happy that over 100 year we has again a good relation.
This was my sory from Klepper family.
If you are interested of more history,i will be happy you answer me.
My father has a sentences-Es gibt nichts was ein KLEPPER nicht kann.
Maybe we can find our commun roots,Greetings from Old Germany,family Klepper

Hexa-Kunigunde Klepper Kirch

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The Family Guy said...

Hexa-Kunigunde Kirch,

Very happy to receive your e-mail. Your english is much better than my deutch. I will add my notes on the early Kleppers on this blog. I have added your e-mail in the hope that other family researchers can also share their details with you.