Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harvey Lloyd Clepper 1936-1997

Harvey Lloyd Clepper Sr. was born 23 Feb 1936 in Hockley, Waller County, Texas and was the son of William Wesley Clepper and Clara Ada Johnson. Harvey was named after his mother's brother, Harvey Lloyd Johnson (died young).

Harvey died on 21 Sept 1997 in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Per his roofing company's web site at

Over 20 years ago a man and his wife set out to make a life in the Brazosport area of south Texas. That man, Harvey Lloyd Clepper, Sr., an already experienced roofer with twenty plus years under his belt on a roof, and his wife Lisa moved to the small village of Surfside, TX on a houseboat and docked next to their property. From that little houseboat the dream of starting a new life, building a home, and starting a business began.

Shortly after coming to the Brazosport area, Harvey established "Superior Roofing" in 1977. After years of running the business from a home office, Harvey decided upon moving Superior Roofing into the old "MayflowerFreight" building in Freeport, at 1802 Brazosport Blvd. Superior Roofing moved into that building in 1989, and has remained at that location ever since. In 1997, the Brazosport Area Chamber of Commerce recognized Superior Roofing "as one of the 1997 Brazosport Top Ten nominees." This symbol of stability, integrity, and improvement through the years is hard to find in the roofing industry. In an age of "fly-by-night" roofers and construction crews, Superior Roofing has been "rock solid." With literally thousands of satisfied customers,several references including real estate agents and local city governments, it's no wonder how and why Superior Roofing has been around so long, and stayed so strong.

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