Saturday, June 25, 2011

Montgomery County, Texas

These is no doubt whatsoever that the majority of the new settlers moving into Texas and certainly those who landed in Montgomery, Dobbin, Old Dacus and new Dacus areas worked hard to have schools and churches available for every citizen. The town of Montgomery was beginning to grow and in 1837, Dr. E.J. Arnold, the builder and occupant of our present day City Hall building and the Peel family forefather, along with C.J. Clepper, bought a lot and gave it to the town for use by the Masonic Lodge and a public school. In 1848 a charter was granted, a building was constructed and the legislature incorporated an academy in Montgomery. That 1848 building was replaced in 1895 in the same location. The building stood about where the Liberty Street and Hwy 105 join. I am proud to say that I started to school on that building in 1924. School was held on the first floor and the Lodge held their meeting on the top story.

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