Sunday, January 18, 2009

Google Books

When looking for details on distant cousins don't forget to check Google Books.
Go to and enter your family name. It is often helpful to adjust the search and view books that are "Full view only."

Here is an example of one entry on Google Books giving details on Lem Clepper.

8.—Attorney in Fact—Conveyance—Powers—Case Stated.
To prove title derived from R., there was introduced a conveyance by Lem G. Clepper as his attorney in fact, selling the land at one dollar per acre. There were two powers of attorney from R. to a person by the name of Clepper, both of the same date, and differing only in that one authorized sale at one dollar per acre and was made to Lemuel G. Clepper and recorded in M. County. The other authorized sale at three dollars per acre and \vas made to Samuel G. Clepper. This was filed for record in G. County, where the land was situated, on the same day and hour as the conveyance by Lem. G. Clepper as attorney in fact. Under the evidence, which is" here considered, it is held that the trial court was not without support for his finding that there were two Cleppers, Samuel and Lemuel, each authorized to sell, and that the conveyance by Lem. G. Clepper was to be taken as an execution of the power conferred on that person by the instrument filed in M. County, and not necessarily referred to the power of attorney filed at the same time with his conveyance in G. County. (Pp. 645-649.)

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