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Kleppers of Boone County, Arkansas

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Boone County, Ar By Boone Co. Historical Society, Turner Publishing Company

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Klepper's Mill South of Harrison. one of the skirmishes fought in Boone County was near Klepper's Mill. It took place March 31, 1863. The mill was operated by the Klepper family. Sons John and Peter Klepper were in Company D of the 16th Arkansas Confederate Infantry. The mill appears in the Official Records as Clapper's Mill" or "Clapper's Saw Mill" and in Turnbo's writtings as "Clepper's Mill", but it was Klepper's. The action took place near what is now Union Baptist Church on Highway 206 south of Harrison...

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The old Flat Rock school was well know in the early 1900s. A 1907 Flat Rock School publication says its board consisted of W. W. Turney, H. H. Cecil, and I. Ruckman. In 1907, the teacher was J. H. Hathcoat. [Boone County Historian, vol XIII, no. 1, 1990. p. 250]. A Baptist church was organized there about 1911. It was located two miles east of the mouth of Huzzah Creek. J. H. Klepper was pastor. It moved to Olvey and changed its name. Its pastors included Rev. John Stratton and the author's grandfather, G. V. Logan. [Logan, History of North Arkansas Baptist Association, pp 181-182].

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Page 55 has a picture of John Klepper and Peter Klepper

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KLEPPER - In the year 1928, Fount W. Klepper and and Alma (Sharp) Klepper married. They grew up and lived in the White Oak Community. After marriage, Fount farmed and Alma minded the children and house.
They were five daughters born to this union. They were Anna Mae Odell , Angele Virginia Fae, Hallene Olivia, Eunice Lois and Orpha Sue.
Fount and Alma went to the White Oak School, a one-room edifice. They are buried in the Blue Springs, MO, Cemeter. They were Baptist. They were definitely part of the history of White Oak. They moved to Kansas City, MO, in 1942.

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Clarendon S Roberts married Esther Klepper on April 16. 1917. in Boone County. He was a school teacher and taught at While Oak School.

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