Friday, February 27, 2009

The Clepper Book

Published in 1986, the "History and Genealogy of the Jacob Klepper/Clepper Family" by Lucille Clepper Mehrkam is no longer in print or available.  It is 393 pages of the most detailed information on the Klepper family and has detailed information on the Clepper family of Texas.

The Library of Congress in Washington DC and a few libraries in Texas that have a copies for review.  LOC # 86-62751

History and Genealogy
of the family of
Jacob Klepper/Clepper Family.
Malcolm McAlpine Family

including allied branches of the
Gilliam, Birdwell, Duncan, Woods, Estill,
Forehand, Stifflemire, Cloyd and Doddridge Families.

Mrs. Lucille (Clepper) Mehrkam

Edited by
Ernestine (Lloyd) Jackson, Jacqueline Jackson, and Alixe (McAlpine) Taylor.

Published by
The Gregath Company
P.O. Box 1045
Cullman, AL. 35056

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