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Henry Thornton Mostyn 1808-1854

This is from page 204 of the "Daughters of Republic of Texas" By Dorothy Burns Peterson, Turner Publishing Company, Daughters of Republic of Texas.

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Henry Thornton Mostyn was born Dec. 26, 1808 in Sligo, Ireland and died April 30, 1854 in Montgomery County, TX. He married ca. 1836, probably in New York to Alice Barrington, born Dec. 24, 1812, Queens County, Ireland, and died Oct. 2, 1886 Montgomery County, TX. She is believed to have been the daughter of Charles (Banks) Barrington, listed in the 1820 and 1830 Censuses of Cayuga County, NY.
Henry received a Second Class Certificate No. 275 from the Republic of Texas, County of Harrisburg stating that he arrived in the Republic on Oct. 1, 1837 as a married man. He applied for a second class grant on 1,280 acres “on water of the Perdiado about 13 miles from Goliad.” When this survey was sent to Austin to be recorded, it was found that someone else had already filed on the property. The Republic of Texas issued a new certificate No. 526 and Henry sold this for $100 to Jacob DeCordeva. DeCordeva used this certificate to purchase two 640 acre tracts at Uvalde, Bexar County on June 7, 1843 by deed of Acquired.
They moved to Montgomery County, TX, ca 1849, as he paid taxes on two horses, 16 cattle and one wagon for the years 1850-53. After Henry’s death, Alice continued to work the farm and care for her six children: Henry, Isabella Whitaker-Goodson, Martha, Margaret Jane Alford, Thorton Emmitt and Fanny. She also reared her sister Martha Sutherland’s child, George Washington Sutherland.
In 1856 she received 246 acres on the North side of Mill Creek from Justin Castina, “in consideration of the services and expenses and troubles involved by Henry T. Mostyn, decd in locating for me 1/3 league of land for the consideration of $5.00 in cash, track of land on North side of Mill Creek about 12 miles South of Town of Montgomery at South corner of Survey of James R. Richards 1/3 league.”
Both Henry and Alice are buried in the Rillis Prairie Cemetery, Mostyn, TX.

Lucille Clepper Mehrkam (GGGD), 13911

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