Sunday, May 3, 2009

Johann Valenthin Klepper

There is a Johann Valenthin Klepper listed as a passanger in October 1766 on the ship Chance which arrived in Philadelphia on Sept 23, 1766, but there is NO PROOF of a family connection.
This may be Johann Valentine Klepper.

Some list Johann as the father or brother of Jacob Klepper Sr. (1741-1825), but they offer no proof when questioned.


Not sure if this is the same Johann Klepper. NO PROOF of a family connection.

Beer Stein - Manufacturer Offenbach 1739-1807
Operated by Philipp Friedrich Lay 1739-1762 and then by his son until 1765. 1765-1775 Chr. Puchel was the charter holder. 1775-1779 Johann Klepper.
Some marks: "3" in green

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