Thursday, November 6, 2008

John Valentine Klepper

    Some family members believe that John Valentine Klepper or Johnathan Valentin Klopper is the earliest known Klepper ancestor but at this time there is NO PROOF that he is the father of Jacob Klepper (1741-1828); however, we do know that like Jacob, John was born in Germany and died in Pennsylvania, USA.  John is listed on the September/October 1766 voyage of the 'Chance' from Germany.

    One problem we must face in Genealogy research are the social genealogist and their lack of detail in records.  While they mean well and are very excited at learning about themselves through learning about their family history, they may be doing more harm than good.  A family genealogist once wrote to me that “There are so many Jacobs, Phillips and Mary's, I am becoming confused. Trying to check dates and yours seem to be about right.

• Lucille Mehrkam, History and Genealogy of the Family of Jacob Klepper/Clepper Family and Malcolm McAlpine Family (The Gregath Company, 1996), Library of Congress under card number 86-62751

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