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Isaac Klepper 1837-1882

   Isaac was the son of Joseph Klepper and his wife Nancy (Beverly) Klepper.   He was born on 31 Oct 1837 in Illinois and was listed in the 1850 and 1870 censuses as living with his parents in Collin County, Texas (future location for the city of Plano).
    Like several friends and family members, Isaac was a member of Masonic lodge 235 in Plano, Texas.
    Isaac married Rachel White Kendrick before 1880.  Rachel was born 02 Mar 1838 in Virginia.  Rachel was the daughter of George Henry Kendrick and his wife Elizabeth Fuller who lived in Rusell and Scott Counties in Virginia.   According to Lucille's book, "Rachel is listed in the 1900 Collin Co., Tx. census in Pct. 5, Plano. Living in her household was John T. Kendrick, brother, born July 1851 in Va.; and three niece's, Nora, Ruby and May Kendrick. In 1910 she is living in the household of her brother R. (sic) T. Kendrick."   After the death of John's wife, Rachel and their sister(?) Ellen assisted in raising the three nieces. Ruby became a missionary and died in Korea of appendicitis on 20 June 1908.
    Isaac died on 30 Oct 1882 and Rachel died on 27 Jan 1916; both are buried at the Old Plano Cemetery in Plano, Collin County, Texas.
No Children

J. T. Kendrick.
    "Born at Abingdon, Scott County, Virginia, July 27, 1841; married to Miss Kate Barnett, in December, 1873; four children: George, Nona, Ruby, and Mary.
    Mr. Kendrick came to Plano in 1871 and is one of the oldest residents of the town.  He has been actively connected with all public interest for years.   Seeing Plano grow from its very infancy, he has gathered many friends around him." - The Plano Review by H. Grady Chandler, 1914.


The Weekly Enquirer, McKinney, Collin County, Texas, December 9, 1882 Vol. 16 No. 43
Abstracted by Jan Bennett MacFarland ....


Tribute of Respect. At a stated meeting of Plano Lodge, No. 235, A. F. And A.M. held in the Lodge Room at Plano.....the following preamble and resolutions were adopted. Whereas, it has pleased the All Wise Ruler of the Universe to remove by death from our midst October, 1882, our worthy and esteemed brother I. K. KLEPPER.....Members will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. [Signed] Joe W. BEVERLY, F. J. VANCE, J. Y. LOVELACE, Committee.


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• Kendrick Family Members Emily Baker and Debi Houser Kendrick
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• Star Courier Newspaper (now the Plano Star Courier), 13 Aug 1908 (Ruby Kendrick died as a Missionary in Korea)
• In "The Plano Review" by H. Grady Chandler, 1914 (J. T. Kendrick)
• Copy of his signature is from Records of Reconstruction Days in Collin County, Texas (pg56?) by Rida Bickley Roose and Jeanette Bickley Bland.  A copy can be found at the Gladys Harrington Public Library in Plano, Collin County, Texas.
• Isaac and Rachel are listed in the 1850, 1870 and 1880 censuses of Collin Co., Texas.  Rachel is also listed in the 1900 (Pct.5) & 1910 censuses of Collin County, Texas.
• The Plano Review by H. Grady Chandler, 1914, from the Glady Harrington Public Library in Plano, Collin County, Texas 75074

Family graves in the Old Plano Cemetery:
1. Joseph Klepper  -  15Mar1804 to 05Dec1884
2. Nancy Klepper (wife of Joseph)  -  16Oct1808 to 19Aug1891
3. Isaac Klepper (son of Joseph and Nancy)  -  31Oct1837 to 30Oct1882
4. Rachel W. Klepper (wife of Isaac)  -  02Mar1838 to 27Jan1916
5. Captain William Beverly (brother of Nancy Klepper)
6. Rev. Beverly (son of Captain William Beverly)
7. Ellen L. Kendrick (sister of Rachel?)
8. Lilbernh Kendrick (relationship unknown)

Additional Notes:
• Friends of Plano Public Library, Plano, Texas: The Early Years (Wolfe City, Texas: Henington Publishing Company, 1985), Page 13 & 241, 30 Aug 1999, Harold R. Huber, 111 Santa Fe Trail, Whitewright, TX 75491. "Page 13: Surname listed as Clepper
Page 241: Several carpenters were active in the Plano area during the 1880's. Isaac Clepper (Klepper), son of Joseph and Nancy Clepper (Klepper), was a carpenter in Plano until his death October 30, 1882. He and his wife, Rachel, also sold lots in the old Methodist-City Cemetery adjoining the Methodist Church that was built in south Plano in 1874-1875. The cemetery land was dedicated by his parents."
• 1850 US Census, Collin County, Texas Transcription, Richardson, Texas, 20 Apr 2001, Gladys Harrington Public Library, East 18th Street, Plano, Texas. "Age 13; family 275; surname listed as "Clepper", birthplace listed as Illinois."
• 1870 US Census, Collin County, Texas, Page 469b, 20 Apr 2001, Family History Library, 35 N. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150. "Age 33, dwelling 129, family 130. Birthplace listed as Illinois."
• 1880 US Census, Collin County, Texas, Page 193, 20 Apr 2001, Family History Library, 35 N. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150. "Age 42, dwelling 228, family 240, ED 24. Birthplace listed as Illinois. Parents' birthplaces listed as Tennessee."
• Mrs. Alice Pitts, Mrs. Wanda O'Roark, Mrs. Doris Posey, Collin County (Texas) Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 1 ( 1975, POP Publications, The Manney Company, P. O. Box 10188, Ft. Worth, TX 76114; call # 929.3746556), Page 296, 20 Apr 2001, Harold R. Huber, 111 Santa Fe Trail, Whitewright, TX 75491.

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