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P James Clepper 1793-1880

P. James Klepper/Clepper was born 15 Feb. 1793, son of Philip and temperance (Gilliam) Klepper and grandson of Jacob of Rebecca Klepper. The Klepper family came from Germany to America in 1766. They settled in Pennsylvania and Virginia into the Tennessee at an early date.
James Clippert is listed in the White County Tennessee Tax Book for 1811 showing a taxable property of 1,400 acres in the bounds of Capt. Wm. Ridgest Co. of Militia. He is found in the 1812 Franklin County, Tennessee Tax List. He purchased 10 acres 19 Jul 1826 on waters of Battle Creek at the food of the Cumberland Mountains in Marion County, Tennessee. He received land grant #8934 for 2,000 acres in 1837 from the state of Tennessee located on the west side of Battle Creek. James married Christian Collier 12 Aug 1812 and they had 13 children. Christian died 8 Oct 1837 and James married Mary “Polly” Jones at Franklin County, Tennessee 19 Mar 1838. They had 8 children. James had 21 children. On 18 feb 1863 he sold 4,700 acres and set out for Montgomery County, Texas. He sold 177 acres in the Mary Conner Survey 9 Oct 1866 and moved to Washington County, Texas in what is now Lee County, and believe died there after 1870 [01 May 1880 in Hill County, Texas, buried Ft. Graham Cemetery, Whitnet, Hill County, Texas].

His children are:
1. Lemuel Gilliam, born 28 Oct 1813, died Magnolia, Texas ca 1893. He left home at an early age and went to Alabama. He married 1836 to Rebecca A. T. Broudnax and moved to Texas with his brother Joseph in 1837. He married (2) Frances Faulkner. Children Francis, James B., Lemual D., Mary, Virginia, and Rhoda.
2. Moses, born Dec 1814, moved to Alabama 1836, married (1) Molly Motley, and married (2) Juliannete M. Presley 1853. They family was in Oklahoma 1900 and wife died Collingsworth County, Texas 1918. Children: Amanda, Frances, Sophie, Joseph, Moses, Augustas, and James Franklin.
3. John, born 30 Jul 1816, died 19 Jan 1885 Palo Pinto County, Texas. He married Amanda M. Birdwell.
4. Lucinda, born 1 Oct 1818, married Jacob B. Turney, Jr. 7 Mar 1830 and moved to Arkansas in 1847 and Brown County, Texas 1880.
5. James, born 22 May 1820 married 1848 Alabama to Eliz. C. Robinson.
6. Mary Angeline, born 19 Jan 1822, died 1894 Wasco County, Oregon. She married Arch Wood Harris.
7. Forester Mercer, born 10 Feb 1824.
8. Isabella, born 12 Feb 1826.
9. William, born 25 Nov 1827.
10. Sarah A., born 5 Sep 1829, married Wm. Long.
11. Joseph C., born 30 Jun 1831. He came to Texas 1837, and was sherrif of Montgomery County, Texas 1866 and married Penelope?. In 1880, he is in Caldwell, Burleson County, Texas. He operated a hardware store until his death in 1910.
12. Thomas Wesley, born 4 Mar 1833, died in Tennessee, married Mary Jane Gilliam.
13. Anna Frances, born 13 Dec 1836.
14. Martha G., born 30 Mar 1839.
15. Temperance, born 1 May 1841, married Wm. A. Ballard.
16. Eliz., born 21 Jun 1843, married J.M. Fuqua.
17. Jabes Julies, born 23 Feb 1845, married (1) Letha Ann?, married (2) Mary Woodall 1893 Bosque County, Texas. Children are Alice, Eliza, Maude, Lemuel G., Emmett, Emma, Hazel, Zepharah.
18. Pleasant Gilliam, born 27 Dec 1847, died 1921 Waco, Texas. He married Elvira Harris. Children: Annie, Tennessie, Edna, Bertha, James B.
19. Virginia, born 8 Nov 1848, married Reddrick Overton. Children: Joseph, Daisy, Tennessee.
20. Tennessee, born 11 Aug 1850, married James B. Arnold. children: Jacob B., Laura.
21. Eliza Ross, born 13 Sep 1852 Tennessee, dies 18 Apr 1937 Hill County, Texas. Never married.

* Lucille Clepper Mehrkam

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