Wednesday, October 29, 2008

William D Klepper 1843-1851

    William D. Klepper, son of son of Joseph and Nancy (Beverly) Klepper, was born in 1843 Illinois and died at the age of seven (1851) in Texas.
    William (plot 51) was the second marked burial in the Routh Cemetery (32°59'36"N at 96°42'13"W), east of US75, north of Glenville Drive in what is now Richardson, Collin County, Texas.   His aunt Nancy DeLozierr Beverly (plot 52) of Illinois was the third burial at the Routh Cemetery.

• Lucille Mehrkam, History and Genealogy of the Family of Jacob Klepper/Clepper Family and Malcolm McAlpine Family (The Gregath Company, 1996), Library of Congress under card number 86-62751 (Page 7)
• Harold R. Huber, President of the Routh Cemetery Association
2037 Colborne Drive in Plano, Texas 75025-3014, 972-517-6661,
• Collin County, Texas Deed for this cemetery is listed in Volume 658, page 114.
• Latitude and Longitude information is from

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